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WM3 Group offers strategic advisory services to financial institutions, education, small and medium sized businesses, government and enterprise customers.


Cyber threats in all forms pose a serious danger to organizations of all sizes, and have grown in both size and complexity.   They have dramatically increased in sophistication, and challenges emerge on a daily basis.  Many organizations believe that cybersecurity only includes firewalls and anti-virus. The reality is much more complex.

The culture in a workplace plays a vital role in a firm's cybersecurity posture.  WM3 Group can perform penetration and vulnerability assessments, phishing tests, cybersecurity readiness planning, cyber incident response plans, end user training, table top exercises,  and compliance readiness based on NIST and SEC guidelines.  It's vital to have a seasoned cybersecurity expert walk your team through best practices and select the best vendors to partner with.

Technology Cost Optimization

Today's business technology spend can be substantial and continues to grow year over year.  Hardware and software, cloud computing, cybersecurity, telecom, consultants, market data, and technology services can all add up to a large budget line item.  WM3 Group will assess a firm's costs and recommend proposed savings, oftentimes saving an organization significant capital.


Cloud has become a commonplace buzzword in technology discussions. Many companies do not realize when you should, or should not, move workloads to the cloud.   Costs are often not accurately forecast, resulting in unexpected high monthly bills.   WM3 Group can evaluate existing infrastructure and assess cloud readiness, estimate costs and determine the best model (private, public or hybrid) for a particular organization's needs. 

Specialized Advisory Services

WM3 Group can furnish "Fractional CIO" services to companies who otherwise could not afford or would not need a full-time technology executive.   We can assist in audits, create information and cyber policies, perform regulatory and compliance tasks to enhance or create processes, risk management, hiring and developing an effective team, vendor negotiations, and act as a trusted advocate for an organization's technology needs.

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